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I have been extremely fortunate to not only compete and win state and national natural body building titles myself but for my first decade I specialised and only trained people for competitions. I had great success in producing many state, national and world champions.

This taught me so much about how to not only get incredible weight loss results but being able to aesthetically change people’s physiques to look strong and athletic.

Strong is the new sexy and for me weight loss is simply not enough, people wanted to feel empowered, strong and fit.

Anyone can starve themselves and lose weight and in the process downgrade your metabolism to put it all back on again.

Lifelong success means lifestyle changes and focusing on the long game not the short game. The Fitcorp Factory not only will you get results, you will get stronger, empowered and be given every opportunity to reach your true potential.

At the Fitcorp Factory you will be working with someone who is extremely experienced in the body building / sculpting and transformation game and who tailors a program to get you the best results in a safe and healthy manner.
If you have the desire, I will show you the how, and provide you with the motivation, encouragement, skills and knowledge to tailor your experience to match your own body building goals and needs.

I don’t believe in some one size fits all service and I will personally tailor your program to give you the best results you can for your body type, age and current condition.

So if you want results that’s exactly what I will give you!
Your body will get tested and no stone will be left unturned as you progress through your body building journey and in the process, destroying all the myths, limiting beliefs and boundaries that have held you back. I will give you the tools and share my knowledge which will allow you to become the very best version of you that you can.

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