Group Training

Small group training

Small group training at The Fitcorp Factory is unique to our studio, as we provide a personal training experience amongst a small group environment. Unlike other gyms, we can have approximately 6 x people in the group, with 5 x different programs going on at the one time, all unique to each individual. This provides you with a one-on-one experience in a small group environment at a very affordable price.

Small group training allows for ongoing modifications and alternate exercises geared toward each of our client’s needs and goals. It’s also nice to give clients some time to practice a movement without a trainer right on top of them, because, as we all know, some exercises can take practice.

The benefits of small-group training don’t stop there – most people work harder and smarter in a small group. Natural willingness to push and do the best you can is a side effect of working out next to others—a small amount of competition is healthy! It’s also a great way to see others in action, creating a great visual for perfecting form and technic. Group dynamics also increase the fun factor!

When you have a room of fun people (versus just one fun trainer☺) it creates an environment that really does feel more fun—and humour and camaraderie can definitely ease those not-very-fun moments of a workout.

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