Injury Rehabilitation

injury rehabilitation

Regain your health and mobility with The Fitcorp Factory’s unique training style, and attention to movement, strength and flexibility.
Over three decades of training people, I’ve had my fair share of training people with injuries from minor cuts, sprains and bruises to extreme spinal, hip, leg and head injuries.

Regardless of the extent of your injury I can help you get back in the game in so many ways. Using techniques I’ve learnt from EFT, NeuroPhysics as well as strength and conditioning, you’re in good hands to receive the best care and guidance available.

Rehabilitation is as individual as you, and I will design you a unique program to suit your current condition and needs. We will work around your injury, to encourage the healing process giving you the best chance of complete recovery.

To learn more about how I can help with your injury rehabilitation please contact me on 0413466103 to book in a consultation.

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