Nutrition and Eating plans

This is one of the most controversial topics of the modern era and diets , supplements and food is huge business.
I will teach you how to bypass all the BS out there and keep things real and why it’s no coincidence that I have managed to transform 1000’s of peoples lives over 3 x decades.

I will educate you about the big power players in business and pharmaceutical companies market their products using fear and how they use the media to dictate what you hear and what eventually becomes your belief system.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, nutrition is fundamental to your athletic performance. The right diet will optimise your energy levels and help your body recover more effectively.

You need to provide your body with enough energy (kilojoules) to meet the demands of training and enable proper recovery between exercise sessions. Training or competition generally increase daily energy requirements depending on duration, type and intensity of the activity. The three main nutrients from food that supply the body with energy are carbohydrate, fat and protein. These can be obtained by eating foods from the five food groups.

I will work with you to create a eating plan that is sustainable , that you can follow for life and will provide you with the best possible outcome for your goals.

If your a competitive athlete who needs to be at his or her optimum at a specific day or date then I will help you with a eating plan that is in line with your goals.

Hydration, peak performance, recovery are all important factors which need to be considered when working out a eating plan.

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