Sports Specific Training

Sports Specific Training

I understand the importance and benefits of doing specific training for your chosen sport. At The Fitcorp Factory I will individualise a program designed specifically for the athlete and their chosen sport. A great program design will enable the athlete to be stronger, faster, and more agile and in the best condition they ever thought possible.

The hard work is done in the off season which gives you a great advantage over your competition and then we provide ongoing training and coaching to keep and enhance your gains, skills and remain sharp during the season.

I was a competitive body builder winning state and national titles, played soccer and touch football at state level as well as grade cricket, and I have trained many children and adults with great success in their chosen sports.

Once a foundation is established, my aim is to separate you from your competition whether it’s soccer, football, netball, basketball, softball / baseball, track and field or endurance based sports.

If you have the desire and work ethic, I will provide you with the know-how and along with increasing your strength, movement, speed, core, balance and stability, I place a strong emphasis on injury prevention, as well as converting all your hard work into your chosen sport / arena.

If your sick of spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere or your ready to take your hidden potential to the next level call me on 0413466103 or book a consultation time online

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