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Owned and run by John Volonakis (known as Jay Vee), the Fitcorp Factory is a training studio aimed at transforming people, both inside and out. In his mid-20s, Jay Vee was forced into the gym due to football injuries, and like many other people he read magazines, books, and listened to all the media hype of how he should train and what he should eat. It wasn’t until Jay Vee started training with his natural body building coach Tony Tsompanellis, that he learned how to achieve the best training results. After only a year of training with Tony, Jay Vee won the NSW Novice competition. Tony then moved to Townsville and started Empower and I continued to my journey doing many courses within health and Fitness including getting accreditation with ISSA.( International Sports Science Association ) Jay Vee continued his body building journey and enjoyed great success at the elite level, winning the NSW ANB U70kg Australian title and East Coast overall title, and in the process he not only learned how to successfully transform his physical state but he also learned a lot about himself as an individual.

Since then, Jay Vee has turned his focus to training other people, including natural body building and figure competitors who have gone on to win a number of state and national titles. Jay Vee’s unique training style has evolved over the years and his key emphasis is on achieving complete wellness, helping people achieve their health goals on both the inside and out.

Jay Vee’s philosophy is simple “I believe in creating lifetime changes. In order to do that, you must first develop a strong mindset, which will help create a strong body” says Jay Vee. Drawing strength from his own life experiences, Jay Vee uses EFT (tapping therapy) to complement his physical training techniques, and has achieved powerful results. He dispels the myths of fad and low carb diets, and teaches people how to increase their metabolism and become a fat burning machine. Combining healthy eating with weights and high metabolic training techniques, Jay Vee shows his clients how to transform themselves into lean, strong, and happy individuals.

Jay Vee has over 3 decades of experience and has helped 1000’s of people in this time to successfully transform their lives. Most importantly, what makes The Fitcorp Factory unique is the ‘family’ of clients who train there. Jay Vee describes, “We provide a safe and supportive environment where people can be themselves. We welcome people of any age, with any body type. No matter what your goals are, our family at The Fitcorp Factory will help you achieve them”.

In 2022 Jay did a Wim Hoff Retreat in the Blue Mountains and have never looked back since then Jay has helped facilitate a Wim Hoff Retreat and has installed an ice bath at The Fitcorp Factory for all his in-house clients to use. Jay has introduced to his clients to the Wim Hoff breathing techniques and has incorporated it as part of his lifestyle.

Created by World Champion Body Builder John Volonakis

Training studio with the option of 1:1 coaching, or group sessions:

* Body transformation specialist

* Natural body building, figure, bikini competition coaching

* Sports specific conditioning / strength / agility

* Rehabilitation

* EFT (Tapping therapy)

* Breath Work and Ice baths

* Neurophysics

* Overall health & wellness

"Excellence, dedication and transformations is what you will get from the Fitcorp Factory. Hi, my name is Mathew and I am here sharing my story of how John Volonakis and his unique training helped me shed over 40kgs and turn me into the confident, fit and trim young man I am today. Whether you want to lose a few kilos or shape up and get that six pack you've always wanted, look no further than the Fitcorp Factory. Nothing in this life comes easy, but with the right coach, the right program and everything the Fitcorp Factory has to offer the road to success is just a phone call away"

​Mathew Toynton


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Passionate personal trainer empowering positive change in people's lives through health and fitness.

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Transforming lives through empowering health and fitness programs for positive lifestyle changes.

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Empower individuals to achieve wellness goals through personalized fitness programs and support.

Transforming lives through personalized fitness programs and empowering individuals to reach their health goals.

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two person inside gym exercising
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