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Strength and Conditioning

Depending on your goals different parameters are used for different clients and things like duration, frequency, the type of exercise, volume, rest period, frequency and intensity are used and gauged depending on the clients needs.

Body Transformation

I have been extremely fortunate to not only compete and win state and national natural body building titles myself but for my first decade I specialised and only trained people for competitions. I had great success in Body Transformations.

Group Training

The benefits of small-group training don’t stop there people work harder and smarter in a small group. Natural willingness to push and do the best you can is a side affect of working out next to others, a small amount of competition is healthy!

One on One

If someone is looking for training that will be safe, relationship-based, and 100% focused on them, then private one-on-one personal training is the best bet. If your after some sport specific attention or getting ready for a show.

Weight Loss

Everyone has experienced weight loss at one time or another but what makes The Fitcorp Factory different is not only the know how of how to lose weight in a safe and healthy way but how to successfully keep it off.

Injury Rehabilitation

No rehabilitation is the same and you will receive a unique individual program to suit your current condition and needs. We will work around your injury, enhance the healing process giving it the best chance of complete recovery.

Online Coaching

I’ve had amazing results with clients via online coaching and it’s a great way to achieve your goals if you have the drive and motivation to do the hard work or you just need some coaching and guidance to keep you accountable.


I will educate you about how the big power players in business and pharmaceutical companies market their products using fear and how they use the media to dictate what you hear and what eventually becomes your belief system.

Sports Specific Training

The hard work is done in the off season which gives you a great advantage over your competition and then we provide ongoing training and coaching to keep and enhance your gains, skills and remain sharp during the season.

What People Say

Sydney, Australia

I have had the pleasure of training with John since 2012.

We started off with group outdoor training where John was always able to take on the many challenges that a group of women can put before him.

Despite all the talking and laughter, John was able to push us to the next level. Even in the freezing cold and wet weather winter nights we showed up to sessions, this is due to John’s style of training.

When John stopped the outdoor training I followed him to his gym. I unfortunately have had major back problems due to a car accident. John has been an integral part in my recovery, working with me to not only strengthen my body but my mind as well. Despite the injury, John is always able to work out a session that is best needed to assist in the recovery of that part of the body.

The Fitcorp Factory is the “one stop shop for fitness”. We have a trainer that is passionate about helping his clients, has empathy, excellent knowledge about nutrition and 100% understands how the body and mind function.

John has empowered me to believe that I can achieve whatever goals that I have set before me in the gym, to be attainable.


Gillian Chan
Sydney, Australia

The Fitcorp Factory, to me, is a place of community and belonging. It is not just a gym, which focuses on body transformations. I believe that at the Fitcorp Factory an individual is able to transform emotionally, cognitively and physically. I began attending training sessions at the Fitcrop Factory at the age of 16. Since then I have learnt an abundant of knowledge about my own body and the way in which it functions.

Emotionally, the Fitcorp Factory has provided a place of sanction. There isn’t a training session where I have not smiled, laughed and joked around. The truth is we all go to training to mingle with the Fitcorp community and effectively, we leave happier and healthier people than when we entered.

Cognitively, I have learnt an immense amount of knowledge from the Fitcorp Factory trainer, John Volonakis. He has copiousness amounts of information to share with all his clients on how to lead a well-balanced life. Whether it be about training, lifestyle or diet John is able to give you the tools you need to go about your day in the best possible way.

Physically, you do not have to look very far or hard at the transformations achieved under the Fitcorp Factory roof. This is why Fitcorp Factory is a great place to go to reinvent yourself and your lifestyle.

For me, Fitcorp Factory has been a place where I have grown up and gained confidence. Five years on, I am still learning about what my body can do. I am so grateful that I have found a place like Fitcorp Factory where I can train free of judgment. This has given me the freedom to challenge myself in a safe and welcoming environment. I highly recommend the Fitcorp Factory as a place where you can better your life in the long term in an environment, which is supportive and invigorating to all who attend. The Fitcorp Factory inspires all who train there to become better versions of themselves whether they choose to or not.

Sydney, Australia

I have always played sport and trained in some capacity but it wasn’t until I started training with John that I learnt about effective training and nutrition. I am now stronger and fitter than I was in my 20 and 30’s and continue to improve! Like anything the results achieved are based on the effort you put in.

Mathew Toynton
Sydney, Australia

Excellence, dedication and transformations is what you will get from the Fitcorp Factory. Hi, my name is mathew and I am here sharing my story of how john Volonakis and his unique training helped me shed 40kgs and turn me into the confident, fit and trim young man I am today. Whether you want to lose a few kilos or shape up and get that six pack you’ve always wanted, look no further than the Fitcorp Factory. Nothing in this life comes easy, but with the right coach, the right program and everything the Fitcorp Factory has to offer the road to success is just a phone call away.

Sydney, Australia

I started training with John about 9 months ago in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat and to get ready for my wedding.
What I achieved With John was far more than this.
My overall strength and fitness improved so much in such a short pace of time,plus the kilos were shed as well.
He knows exactly how to encourage and push you. He is the perfect combination of tough (John ,I am dead) and warmly (Lizann you doing good,breath),he works with you, mentally,emotionally and physically .
He has a infectious,positive attitude and gives us all the more reason to train even harder and its in a pleasant atmosphere.
John is willing to share his expertise and knowledge and has helped me with a diet and routine to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.
Because of his effort and constant text messages,FB posts and emails, it encourages me to keep consistent with my exercise, now its a lifestyle and become a Family .
John is one of the best trainers out there,and never fails to impress

Sydney, Australia

The Fitcorp Factory embodies change!
John is an excellent trainer. He works with the whole person – mentally, emotionally and physically. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, he retrained my attitude towards fitness, while I retrained my body. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, have better balance and most importantly, working out is fun (though very tough at times!) and very fulfilling.
I recommend Fitcorp Factory without reservation.

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